Procedural revolution: solved and unsolved problems
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In 2018 International Relations published a monograph by I.А. Prikhodko, А.V. Bondarenko, V.М. Stolarenko entitled Reforming procedural legislation: aims, problems, trends. This analyzed the latest far-reaching legislative initiatives of the High Court of the Russian Federation (RF) on amending Arbitration Procedural Code RF, Civil Procedure Code RF and Administrative Procedure Code RF. The initiatives were coined procedural revolution.
Federal Law № 451-ФЗ of 28.11.2018 “On amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” made many amendments to the aforementioned codes.
Which of the procedural reforms are most significant, how do they affect the accessibility of legal defence, which aims have been reached fully or partially as a result of procedural revolution, or not at all, which of the reforms put forward by the RF Armed Forces were revoked and why, and finally, what perspectives are there for the further development of procedural law? These are some of the questions examined in the monograph.
This work is aimed at judges, lawyers and specialists in procedural law. It may also be of interest to teachers and students in law schools, and may be used as a study guide.

Приходько И.А., Бондаренко А.В., Столяренко В.М

Игорь Арсениевич Приходько – доктор юридических наук

Александр Валерьевич Бондаренко – кандидат юридических наук

Владимир Михайлович Столяренко – доктор юридических наук

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