International private law: textbook 4th edition
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International private law: textbook 4th edition

Канашевский В.А.

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The textbook offers a course on modern private international law, analysing legislation in the Russian Federation, foreign law, international agreements and rules of non-governmental law.
It is comprised of one general section and one in-depth section. Some chapters of the general section are new and the topics examined have not yet received enough attention in other Russian textbooks and manuals published to this date: the legal regime for transborder transfer of personal data, conflict-of-laws regulation of securities, legal regime for offshore companies and trusts; distinct types of obligations – international agreements, services agreements, corporative agreements and secured transactions.
The textbook reflects the provisions of the amended Civil Code of the Russian Federation (RF) resulting from the 2013–2017 reforms, and federal law norms adopted in recent times; on controlled foreign companies (2014), on the jurisdictional immunities of states and their property (2015), on arbitrage (arbitration proceedings) in Russia (2015), on the localization of personal data on the territory of Russia (2015), on international companies (2018). Also analyzed are the Arbitration Procedural Code RF, Civil Procedure Code RF, RF laws on international commercial arbitrage and other laws with amendments made to certain acts in August 2018.
The author has analysed the practice of adopting private international law norms in Russian and foreign public courts, including that reflected in Resolution No.24 of the Plenum of the Supreme Court “On the application of private international law norms by courts in the Russian Federation”, 09.07.2019. There are a wide range of examples of resolving disputes with commercial international arbitration e.g. the YUKOS case against the Russian Federation. Others topics examined are deoffshorization policies in Russia and worldwide, the regulation of activities of offshore companies and trusts, the application of US and European sanctions, etc.
Recommended to students, graduates, lecturers in law faculties, specialists and practitioners, government officials, legislators.

Канашевский В.А.

Канашевский Владимир Александрович – доктор юридических наук, профессор, профессор кафедры международного частного права Московского государственного юридического университета имени О.Е. Кутафина (МГЮА), имеет 20-летний стаж практической работы и более 70 публикаций по различным вопросам гражданского и международного частного права, в том числе: Международные нормы и гражданское законодательство России. М., 2004; Международное частное право: Учебник. М., 2006 (2-е изд. – 2009, 3-е изд. – 2016); Внешнеэкономические сделки: материально-правовое и коллизионное регулирование. М., 2008; Правовой режим офшорных компаний и трастов. М., 2013 (2-е изд. – 2015); Международные сделки: правовое регулирование. М., 2016.

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