Paris and Geneva through the eyes of an intelligence officer
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Paris and Geneva through the eyes of an intelligence officer

Окулов В.Н.

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Paris – the capital of France, and Geneva– the capital of UN offices in Europe and many other internationalorganizations, were always under the unwavering attention of intelligenceservices from different countries. The large number of foreigners and topsecrets in diplomatic safes and other delegations in these cities, the traditional welcoming approach to foreigners and quite a liberal mode of lifeand communication sometimes made it easier for the ‘soldiers of the invisiblefront’ to fulfill their tasks. This is what the memoirs of a Soviet foreignintelligence veteran, a high-class professional and colonel in retirement areabout.

Yet an intelligence officer’s work is not only limited to collecting information required byHeadquarters. He works in a specific country, in a specific city. That initself spells constant contact with Headquarters, covering this up with neutralconnections, with famous people or their entourage, interesting meetings andcontacts. The author’s observant gaze will allow the reader to get acquainted with some moments in the life of the Russian diaspora, and to immerse themselvesin the daily activities of the intelligence officer abroad.

Окулов В.Н.

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