The last argument of the general
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    Секретные миссии
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    352 с.
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    твердый переплет 145 х 215 мм
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    500 г.

The last argument of the general

Атаманенко И.Г.

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You are offered a unique opportunity to become acquainted with a sensational collection of essays created on the basis of declassified dossiers of the main secret services on the planet. The author – counterespionage veteran of the USSR's KGB – is familiar with their activities not through hearsay.

The mechanism of real operations, carried out by the forefront intelligence agencies in the world will unfurl before your eyes and you will find out: how the Soviet wonder-microphone was implanted in the cabinet of the American Ambassador in Moscow and the details of its discovery; how under the cover of transporting faience pots, the CIA carried out radio electronic espionage from Vladivostok to Leningrad; how and why a marriage was held between the owner of factories, newspapers and steam vessels, billionaire Christina Onassis, and an ordinary functionary of Sovfracht, Sergey Kauzov; how, during the implementation of the strategic plan 'Red Kazanova', the special services of the GDR and the USSR managed to steal military and state secrets from the governing bodies of West Germany; how ingeniously the 'trick masters' (intelligence workers) set snares to catch their prey – foreign diplomats and billionaires – and draw them into the orbit of their native intelligence service; who created anti-Soviet anecdotes, which were then spread throughout the Soviet Union by the hostile voices of radio stations supported by Western intelligence agencies.

Without doubt, most readers will feel that they are opening a confessional of the KGB.

Атаманенко И.Г.

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