Chukchi Sea. Encyclopedia

Zonn I., Kostyanoy A., Kumanzev M. Chukchi Sea. Encyclopedia
Author: Zonn I., Kostyanoy A., Kumanzev M.
Year: 2012
Pages: 176
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 70x100/16
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1422-4

200 rub.

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This edition is devoted to one of the Russian northern seas - the Chukchi Sea, a part of the Arctic Ocean.


Encyclopedia contains 500 articles on hydrographic, geographic features and the hydrology of the sea. Presents the most significant natural features - islands, peninsulas, bays, rivers, their geography, economy, culture and history, as well as cities, ports, water, biological resources, international agreements, scientific research institutions, the activities of prominent scientists, researchers and travelers .


The book provides a chronology of events leading up to momentous milestones in the history of the discovery and exploration of the Chukchi Sea from the XVII century to the present day.