Public relations in government authorities: textbook.

Vasilenko I., Vasilenko E. Public relations in government authorities: textbook.
Author: Vasilenko I., Vasilenko E.
Year: 2017
Pages: 296
Cover: hard cover
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1585-6

400 rub.

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The second edition of this textbook explores current challenges of developing public relations in government authorities during times of crisis. Particular attention has been paid to developing anti-crisis political communication; organizing the work of the press relations service in public agencies; informational coverage of unpopular political decisions made during times of crisis and rules on making effective publicity campaigns. Also addressed are business communication norms and etiquette; models and technologies used for public discussions, including at times of heated conflict between parties. The book strongly focuses on the challenge of creating a modern image of the Stateand the use of national branding technologies to boost the image of the State in communication channels. The book also puts forward business games as a practical way to consolidate the technologies used in public relations.

For university students reading State and municipal management, Political Science and Law. The book may be of interest to political and state actors, scientists, management specialists and those working in the civil service.

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