The history of Italy's foreign policy: textbook

Zonova T.  The history of Italy's foreign policy: textbook
Author: Zonova T.
Year: 2016
Pages: 352
Cover: hard cover
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1530-6

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T. Zonova's textbook is the first Russian-language textbook to systematically present the history of Italy's foreign policy from the formation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 to the events that took place at the start of the XXI century. This country's foreign policy history is divided into periods which mark the alternation of internal regimes: liberal monarchism, fascist monarchism, republican democracy. Constants in its foreign policy of Europeanism and Atlanticism are shown, as are Italy's activities in the Mediterranean region and the Balkans. Attention is also given to the development of relations with separate countries and Italy's involvement in various military and political unions. Italy's foreign policy history is depicted against the backdrop of events taking place in the country and set in the context of changes occurring on the international arena. The entire historical course of the development of relations between Italy and Russia is carefully examined. The book describes prominent political actors, foreign ministers and famous diplomats.

For baccalaureate students, master's degree students, graduates from humanitarian faculties, and also as an additional textbook for area studies.