International Macroeconomics

Kireev A.   International Macroeconomics
Author: Kireev A.
Year: 2014
Pages: 592
Cover: hard cover
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1442-2

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The theory of international macroeconomics is a new trend of economics that studies the macroeconomic processes in the context of globalization. The book offers a systematic approach to the problems of international finance, open economy, the monetary system and the exchange rate from the point of view of the general macroeconomic theory. It develops the theory of macro-economic and macro-economic adjustment program open economy. Theory, summarized in the book, rearranged in a common format through the patterns of behavior of an open economy and its funding at the macro level in the framework of general equilibrium and internationally.


The book is intended for specialists in the field of international economics, employees of government economic agencies and private firms, students and teachers of economics departments of universities and business schools, and for those, who is interested in the problems of the international economy.


The book can be used as a textbook in universities for the academic program "International Economics" and in "World Economy" (special discipline "World Economy", "International Economic Relations" and "International monetary relations"), and on the professional discipline "The world economy is" in "Economy", "National Economy" and "Labor Economics". material completely covers the methodological unity of the educational standard in "World Economy".