Strategic counterattack. Series: “Faces of modern politics”

Fidel Castro  Strategic counterattack. Series: “Faces of modern politics”
Author: Fidel Castro
Year: 2011
Pages: 512
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 70x100/16
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1396-8

350 rub.

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   Книга издана при поддержке ОАО АКБ  Еврофинанс Моснарбанк

This book written by an outstanding political figure of Cuban, Latin American and world history, the second half of the XX and beginning of XXI century is a continuation of his previous book, "The Strategic Victory," which was considered confrontation developing in the country under the leadership of the author with the onset of the guerrilla movement undertaken by the dictatorial regime in April 1958 in order to eliminate insurgent fire.


A new book by the Cuban leader has an impressive analysis of hostilities after 74 days of heavy fighting that ended the rout of the enemy offensive in August 1958 and means a strategic shift in the war and the beginning of its last stage - deployment rebel counter-offensive, which after four months and 25 days culminated in the victory of the revolution.


Thoroughly understand the major episodes of the armed struggle and the visionary actions of the revolutionary forces to disrupt the maneuvers with the intention of preventing the establishment of a revolutionary government.


The book is illustrated by photographs, historical documents and maps of key military operations.