Farewell, Madame Korff

Stegniy P. Farewell, Madame Korff
Author: Stegniy P.
Year: 2009
Pages: 392
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 60x90 1/16
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1393-7

350 rub.

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This is a book about the French Revolution, it is entangled web of personal and public intrigue and drawn into their characters, about the intricacies of European diplomacy and the "diamond" in its crown - the secret diplomacy of Catherine the Great.


It is difficult to define the genre of this book, written by a recognized expert in the country's history and a prominent diplomat. This  scrupulous research  has grown literally from the bulk of literature and archival documents (among them - even previously unknown to historians!), Which, however, reads like an exciting story with an unexpected outcome of events and unravel a string and is not yet unraveled the mystery. Therefore, it can equally well be met by professionals and academics, as well as a wide range of readers of this literature.


And there is another reason: amazing, but distant from us time events and the characters of the book are remarkably close to today's reader in consonance with his thoughts and experiences.