How Markets Fail. The Logic of Economic Calamities

John Cassidy How Markets Fail. The Logic of Economic Calamities
Author: John Cassidy
Year: 2014
Pages: 512
Cover: hard cover
ISBN: 978-5-7133-1460-6

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John Cassidy is an American journalist who writes about finance; he has his weekly column in The New Yorker. In his book, John Cassidy keeps track of the rise and fall of free market ideology.


The author gives a comprehensive report on the crisis of 2007-2009, lists a number of companies and personalities. However, he does not confined to them, but aims to explore the economic foundations of the crisis and explain how the rational pursuit of self-interest, which is the basis of free market economy, created and overcome it. This book is not a textbook in economics but it invites the reader to think about how the modern capitalism functions, what are the theories, that determining economic policies, how utopian economy is far from reality.