Brazil for the curious

Avrorskiy V.  Brazil for the curious
Author: Avrorskiy V.
Year: 2006
Pages: 256
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 60x90/16
ISBN: 5-7133-1233-X

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Memoirs essays Russian diplomat, who managed over many years in Brazil to really get to know this multi-faced giant South American country, not to overlook for the opportunity to communicate with people of different positions. The author gives a fair idea of ​​the Brazilians, their manners and customs, particularities of the national character.


Peering into Brazilian life from the inside, the author conducts a laid-back story of what he saw, on behalf of the literary character - a European, perhaps even a man with Russian roots, who decided to go to Brazil and stay there to live. The reader will have a natural desire to visit this amazing country himself.