Gold from the cruiser "Edinburgh"

Krymtsov O., Zlobin A.  Gold from the cruiser
Author: Krymtsov O., Zlobin A.
Year: 2005
Pages: 224
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 60х90/16
ISBN: 5-7133-1235-6

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This book is about the amazing rescue operation to raise the gold from the sunken ship in deep water, called in the West "The operation of the century."

On May 2, 1942 British cruiser "Edinburgh", who accompanied the convoy QP-11, sank in the cold waters of Barents Sea after a battle with German ships. There were left more than 5.5 tons of Soviet gold on board.

On the 15th of May, 1981 the cruiser was found 180 miles from Murmansk . The search and rescue operations was carried out by a consortium of British rescue «Jasson Marine Recovers» on the basis of the Soviet-British contract. This is a story about the amazing operation carried out by courageous men, and not less exciting atmosphere during the negotiations for the conclusion of a unique contract, the organization of training.


Active participants in all phases of years of negotiations that took place in England and the Soviet Union were the authors of the book: the former deputy Chairman Ingosstrah Zlobin and a representative of the search and rescue naval captain of the first rank Krymtsov.


Since the summer of 1999 these events have repeatedly commented on television.