Applied Macroeconomics. Textbook + application on a CD-rom

Kireev A.P.  Applied Macroeconomics. Textbook + application on a CD-rom
Author: Kireev A.P.
Year: 2006
Pages: 456
Cover: hard cover
Book size: 70x100/16
ISBN: 5-7133-1238-0

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Forecast of the exchange rate and inflation, the state of the monetary system of the country, the evaluation mechanisms of regulation of the financial market, the trade regime and investment climate and their possible development - these are some of the practical issues that every business faces everyday. Analysis of the current economic situation in the country, making alternative macroeconomic policies in the future, the wording of the position on economic issues in the negotiations - the focus of daily activities of governments, political parties, think tanks. Here is a textbook on macroeconomics, which will show you how to tackle these problems. The book is intended for economists and financiers, both present and future.


The book  is supplemented by the CD-rom application that contains the model solutions applied economic problems, as well as a directory of web-resources and a glossary.