Privalov K. Precedence. Russian Masonry in 20th century

Precedence. Russian Masonry in 20th century


Privalov K.


This book shares information that is available to a very limited number of people in our country; Russian freemasonry revived in the last century through the efforts of Russian émigré Freemasons. The Memoirs section is supplemented with documents by the author. The second part of the book is made up of architectural works and other speeches made at lodge meetings by illustrious representatives of Russian exiles in France: Mark Aldanov and Michael Osorgin, Sergey Makovsky and Georgy Adamovich… The documents were found in hitherto unpublished émigré archives. The complex life of Mikhail Garder – the father of today’s Russian brotherhood – is treated separately.
For a wide circle of readers.

Price - 400 Rub


compiled by. S. Zhiltsov, I. Zonn, А. Коstyanoy, А. Semenov  The Caspian: international legal documents

The Caspian: international legal documents


compiled by. S. Zhiltsov, I. Zonn, А. Коstyanoy, А. Semenov


The book is a compilation of international legal documents referring to different aspects of the legal status of the Caspian Sea over the last three centuries. The first part of the book concentrates on agreements that regulated Russo-Persian relations, which in effect defined the legal order on the Caspian from the mid 16th century. The second part of the book presents documents concluded between the USSR and Iran. The third part of the book is a collection of legal acts that were adopted after the fall of the USSR, when the number of Caspian countries increased to five, and the following issues appeared on the agenda: the legal regulation of subsurface use modalities, transport of energy resources and environmental protection. The fourth part is a collection of documents depicting individual aspects of the relations between Caspian countries in different spheres. The last part of the book treats the outcome of the Fifth Caspian Summit during which the following were signed: The Convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea and a number of other documents on cooperation between Caspian states.

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Prikhodko I., Bondarenko А., Stolyarenko V. Reforming procedural law: aims, challenges, trends

Reforming procedural law: aims, challenges, trends


Prikhodko I., Bondarenko А., Stolyarenko V.


Major reforms have been taking place in procedural law over the past few years. In October 2017 Russia’s Supreme Court prepared new, far-reaching legislative initiatives to amend the APC RF, CCP RF and APC RF, which have already been called a ‘procedural revolution’. What aims will the procedural reforms help to meet? How will the reforms affect litigants? What will litigants lose or gain as a result in access to legal protection, the predictability of the process and comfort therein? Is it always wise to aim to unify procedural law? How far can the process be simplified without losing the procedural form of judicial procedure? These and other questions are examined in the monograph. This work is aimed at judges, lawyers and specialists in procedural law. It may be of interest to university lecturers and students of law, and can be used as a study guide.
Price - 500 Rub

Kuzmin E. Jean Bodin’s enigma. Treatise on sovereignty

Jean Bodin’s enigma. Treatise on sovereignty


Kuzmin E.

Kuzmin Eduard Leonidovich, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, is the author of many works on  sovereignty, international law and international relations. This book shows the conception and development of the idea of national sovereignty that originated from the 16th century French thinker, Jean Bodin. The author has studied a wide range of literary and factual materials to find key aspects closely linked to the contemporary treatment of the issue of sovereignty: the challenges of globalization; American exceptionalism doctrines; double standards in democracy and human rights; the right of nations to self determination; federalism and unrecognized states. Much attention is given to integration processes, increasing global management and the decisive role of the UN in this.
The book is written in lively, straightforward language, and aimed at specialists in the history of political sciences, the theory of state and law, constitutional and international law, and a wide circle of readers interested in the pressing questions of modern world politics.
Price - 400 Rub

Klimenko V.  Memoirs of a counterspy. An inside view of conflict between the KGB and CIA, and not only…

Memoirs of a counterspy. An inside view of conflict between the KGB and CIA, and not only…


Klimenko V.


The Cold War conflict between the KGB and CIA was always at the heart of society’s attention, but escalated in the 1980s into what is called by historians, a decade of espionage. The author gives quite a detailed explanation of the CIA’s ‘exploits’ during that period on the territory of our country: techniques used by Americans to recruit our compatriots and the CIA’s tactic of forming conspiratorial contacts with its agents. The author describes in chronological order most KGB operations (successful and unsuccessful) against the American special services from 1970–1990s.
Special attention is given to the operational game Phantom – a unique counterespionage operation carried out by the KGB with a high level of professionalism, according to CIA specialists, which served as inspiration for the 8-part television series “This is where Homeland begins”.
For the first time the reader is presented with both the inner world of the counterespionage unit, specializing in work on American diplomat-intelligence officers, and with the names of colleagues who laid the foundations of contemporary employee development methods in the CIA station in Moscow.

Price - 320 Rub

ed. by Prof. I. Vasilenko Smart cities in XXIst century: the potential and risks of smart technologies in city rebranding

Smart cities in XXIst century: the potential and risks of smart technologies in city rebranding


ed. by Prof. I. Vasilenko


This monograph puts forward the modern concept of a ‘smart city’ based on smart management, a smart human environment and smart technologies in city communication systems. Leading world practices on how to implement smart technologies in cities are examined, including those of Singapore, Vienna, Copenhagen, Dubai and Songdo. The dangers and risks involved in introducing intellectual technologies into social life are brought to the fore. These include cyber crime, the digital divide, the dehumanization of social space and a fall in society’s creativity levels with the onset of a technocratic existence.

The monograph develops the concept of promoting smart technologies in rebranding Russia’s cities by critically examining the experience of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Kazan in this area. The authors are of the opinion that Russia’s ambitious aims for creating a digital economy depend largely on the successful formation of smart cities in Russia as centres of innovative creativity and development of human potential.

This monograph will be of interest to politicians and state actors, specialists in public relations and managers of all levels.

Price - 450 Rub

A Guide to Diplomatic Practice: study guide.


Satow E.


The work of famous English diplomat Ernest Satow – A Guide to Diplomatic Practice – is a kind of diplomatic encyclopedia containing a wealth of factual material that answers questions relating to diplomatic protocol, the theory and practice of diplomatic privileges and immunities, and the laws and customs of different countries adhered to in international communication.
The book will be of unquestionable interest to historians, international law specialists, those working in foreign policy, and for a wide circle of readers interested in aspects of diplomatic protocol and etiquette.
Price - 400 Rub

A History of Russian protocol. 3rd ed., updated and revised


Lyadov P.F.


'The Ceremonial for foreign ambassadors to the Russian Imperial Court' was the first state act of Elizabeth's reign. P.F. Lyadov analyses this act and other historical and contemporary documents on the legal foundations of protocol, presenting a thorough investigation into the formation process of Russia's protocol service. P.F. Lyadov – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary – uses lively and expressive language to detail interesting events and gives vivid characterization to the people involved in them.
The book will be met with interest by diplomats, teachers, postgraduates, students of diplomatic faculties and a wide range of readers.
Price - 400 Rub

Mozrt’s letter: Omnibus edition

Mozrt’s letter: Omnibus edition

The book is dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is the first a complete edition of all composer’s letters published in Russian language, and is based on the authoritative seven-volume collection of original letters of Mozart, published by international fund "Mozarteum" (Salzburg).
Price - 600 Rub

Kanashevsky V. Offshore companies and trusts. Anti-offshore legislation.

Offshore companies and trusts. Anti-offshore legislation.


Kanashevsky V.

This monograph examines the legal regime for offshore companies and trusts. The author analyzes the concept and characteristics of offshore companies and trusts,
their legal nature, the primary ways in which they are used, characterizes the main offshore and trust jurisdictions, beneficial ownership, taxation and anti-offshore legislation measures applied at international and national levels. The book contains practical material and recommendations on regulating the activity of offshore companies and trusts, including conflict of laws and taxation. The extended analysis of Russian and international law is supplemented by examples from Russian and international legal practice featuring offshore companies and trusts.
Recommended to students, graduates, law lecturers in universities and faculties, practicing specialists, state officials and legislators.
Price - 300 Rub

Areshidze L., Krupyanko M., Krupyanko I. The Japanese formula for success: 50 rules on how to achieve your goals. (Amazing Japan Series)

The Japanese formula for success: 50 rules on how to achieve your goals.


Areshidze L., Krupyanko M., Krupyanko I.

In many industrialized countries with a market economy, including contemporary Russia, ‘successful people’ are first and foremost those disposing of a standard set of commonly accepted attributes of success: an expensive car, expensive clothes, a large house. A successful European should definitely spend their holidays in world-famous resorts, work at a high level in a prestigious company, and so on.
However Japanese society views successful people through a different lens; those who reach the life goals that they have set for themselves, who are confident in themselves, their knowledge, abilities and actions, who have a well-paid and desirable job and who are constantly developing and perfecting themselves. Only these kinds of people hold a high status in Japanese society, have social recognition, are always in demand as individuals and respected in a team. In other words, in Japan the path to success is the ability to turn one’s dream into a meaningful goal and achieve it.
The monograph shows that in Japanese society life success in not necessarily solely connected to a successful career or financial status. It is also connected to having a family, children, being surrounded by loving family members and close ones, and spiritual wealth.
Price -400 Rub

Vasilenko I. Modern Russian politics: textbook for master’s students. 2nd ed., amended and supplemented.

Modern Russian politics: textbook for master’s students. 2nd ed., amended and supplemented.


Vasilenko I.


The second edition of this textbook focuses to a great extent on the changes in Russia’s foreign policy in the context of a ‘new cold war’; turning to the East as a strategic vector in foreign policy and the new concept of national security. In domestic policy, light is mainly shed on the new concept of economic development, the formation of a digital economy, current trends in social and national policy. Much attention is paid to the interconnection between state and civil society and the new stage of Russian administrative reforms. Current issues linked to theories, methodology and applied analyses of modern Russian politics are highlighted. Policy formation in times of crises and innovation implementation are also brought to the fore.
The author offers a systematic approach to studying the theory and practice of modern Russian policy formation by examining the main organizational and administrative reform pathways; the main trends in Russia’s domestic and foreign policy; information support and public relations in governmental organizations.
Particular stress is placed on the task of forming a modern image of Russia and national branding technologies to promote the country’s image through communication channels.

Price - 500 Rub

Sannikov G. They were toughened up by war…

They were toughened up by war…


Sannikov G.


This is a book about two teenagers, 15 and 16 years old, who were sent to the front of the Great Patriotic War. Their characters were formed and strengthened in the trenches of deathly warfare by the most terrifying monster in the history of humankind – German Nazism. In time one of the heroes became an excelling intelligence officer, the other a legendary deep cover agent. The book recounts the fate of these remarkable people, their teachers and mentors, friends and students, and of course, their work, and lives which were filled with unusual events. The author is a close friend and colleague of the two protagonists – an intelligence officer who served his Fatherland for many years abroad.
For a wide circle of readers.
Price - 400 Rub

Kuznetsov V. Turnout in Zurich. Secret no rules fighting in the Alps: versions, riddles, discrepancies

Turnout in Zurich. Secret no rules fighting in the Alps: versions, riddles, discrepancies

Kuznetsov V.

Switzerland has long since served as a fighting ring for intelligence services around the world – the United States, Israel, the Near East, France and other European states. Unexpected deaths and inexplicable events behind the scenes afford a landscape where the imagination can run rife. The death of a London-based Soviet specialist in his hotel bath in Switzerland is still a mystery to this day. And how did the “Dora” group, under legendary Soviet spy, Sándor Radó, manage to relay invaluable information about the Wehrmacht during the difficult days of war? The mysterious “Lucy” Rudolf Roessler, who blatantly infringed every rule and canon in the spy’s code of conduct, took that page of history away with his own passing. The archives are still tight-lipped about how the young Soviet intelligence service wanted to recruit Hitler, sending Churchill’s cousin, a beauty in London’s high society, to carry out the task. How? More about that in the book. And what about the comical incident when a Swiss technician burned newspapers instead of sketches, and sold the sketches of a French fighter plane to Israel? You can find out about this and much more in the investigation of Switzerland’s secret labyrinths, Somerset Maugham, an intelligence officer in revolutionary Petrograd, who swapped the role of cloak-and-dagger knight for the writer’s plume, Graham Greene, how the elusive Kim Philby became a double agent for Hitler’s counter-espionage and the FBI.
Make yourselves comfortable in an armchair and get ready to read a book which is no less captivating than a detective.

Price - 350 Rub

Zonn I., Kust G., Orlovsky N., Shi Pey Chun, Tyan Yui-Chao Deserts and desertification: encyclopedia.

Deserts and desertification: encyclopedia.


Zonn I., Kust G., Orlovsky N., Shi Pey Chun, Tyan Yui-Chao

This encyclopedia shows deserts and desertification as a global phenomenon of land degradation. It contains over 1300 articles describing the deserts of the world; large lakes and rivers that run through deserts; terminology on climate, plants, geomorphology, desertification, desertification indicators; national and international institutions that study deserts and land reclamation; leading international journals that add refreshment to this arid theme; atlases, maps, programmes and methodical provisions for land reclamation; major international events on the topic of desertification; countries where deserts make up over 50% of their territory; hydraulic structures and projects (planned and completed), playing a key role in land reclamation; famous eremologists; renowned travelers who have left their mark in the study of deserts; international conventions, treaties and agreements; fundamental works that have played a central role in developing eremology; national reserves and desert territories under special protection; interesting facts about deserts; auto rallies, desert equipment, excelling architectural solutions, artistic films etc.
This encyclopedia is aimed at scientists, specialists studying deserts and desertification, university, college and school students, and all who are interested in this topic.

Price - 1200 Rub


Malkov V. Entering the nuclear era. Nuclear diplomacy – from start to parity.

Entering the nuclear era. Nuclear diplomacy – from start to parity.

Malkov V.


Counting on nuclear weapons being banned in the distant future, Robert Oppenheimer, one of their creators, said that if they were to ever become a part of warring countries’ military arsenal, humanity would curse both the weapons and their creators. He was mistaken. It turned out that nuclear weapons could serve both as a means of attack and protection. Unfolding the dramatic landscape of hidden rivalry between two leading powers in the anti-Hitler coalition during the Second World War and the new global configuration after Hiroshima, the author takes us, step by step, back to the roots of the nuclear arms race. He examines the gigantic, top secret programme in which the US aimed at being the first to create a weapon of mass destruction to attain world domination. The book also shows another side to the multi-layered process, embodied in the efforts of Soviet science and diplomacy during testing times so as not to give the American project global military and technological supremacy and to ensure the way towards parity.
For specialists in the field of international relations and a wide circle of readers interested in this pressing current issue.

Price - 500 Rub


Kulishenko N. The Stalingrad Story of the British Queen. The Biography of Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (1900–2002).

The Stalingrad Story of the British Queen. The Biography of Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (1900–2002).


Kulishenko N.


Natalia A. Kulishenko got a master degree in International relations of the Diplomatic Academy. Her book is the first biography of Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother of Great Britain (1900–2002) in the Russian language. The author examines evaluation of her personality as monarch, family life in the Royal court, growth of her influence, her accession to the throne, details of her involvement in rendering help to Stalingrad and the circumstances of the awarding her the title of an Honorary Citizen of the City and other unknown earlier details of the British Queen`s life. Introduction to the book is written by Ambassador to Great Britain in 1997–2000 Yuri Fokin. The text is accompanied by photographs from private achieves and the Fund of the Stalingrad battle`s museum.
The research is supposed to be of use both to diplomats leaving for their post abroad to Great Britain and to wide readership.

Price - 400 Rub



editor А. Lukin New international relations: main trends and challenges for Russia

New international relations: main trends and challenges for Russia


editor А. Lukin

The collective monograph contains conclusions drawn up by leading Russian international relations scholars on a wide range of topics: the characteristics of the development of the post bipolar system, Russia’s efforts to define and reconsider its own position in that system, and the current challenges in Russia’s foreign policy. What is the nature of today’s international relations structure, what direction is it developing in, how close has it come to becoming truly multipolar, what are Russia’s national interests in the current climate, can Russia turn into an independent centre of power and what is the optimal course for it to take in foreign policy? The leading Russian international relations experts answer these questions and others central to the Russian study of international relations and diplomatic practice. The monograph is made up of two parts: the first treats key issues in forming a new world order and Russia’s role in this process, and the second examines Russia’s foreign policy, its strategy and tactics in regions of the globe that are most important for Russia and its relations with leading actors in world politics.
The monograph is aimed at a wide readership with an emphasis on political scientists, international relations experts, oreintalists, historians, journalists. It will also be of interest to students studying international relations and Russia’s foreign policy.

Price - 550 Rub

Spain and Russia: historical fate and the modern era: collective monograph

Spain and Russia: historical fate and the modern era: collective monograph 


executive editor: О. Volosyuk, C. Camarero Bullon, Т. Koval, Ye. Yurchik.


This publication is the fruit of academic labour that examines historical, socio-political and economic processes in Spain and Russia over a lengthy period of time – from the Early Middle Ages to our day. These Russian and Spanish scholars have approached manifold subjects, creating a panorama of modern Spanish studies: Spanish Middle Age law, the history of Russian Spanish diplomatic relations, particularly in the Modern Period and most recent times; the transformation of the modern Spanish political system, economic ties, imagology, national identity and Spain’s role in the present world. Particular attention is given to culture, Russia and Spain’s cooperation based on their world outlook, problems with translation and cultural reception and an analysis of parallels in Russian and Spanish creative thinking.
This monograph is aimed at both specialists of different branches of humanitarian studies and social sciences and at a wide circle of readers – all those who are interested in Spain and Russian-Spanish relations.
Price - 800 Rub

D. Novozhilov.  Points to bear in mind when evaluating hotel real estate

Points to bear in mind when evaluating hotel real estate

Novozhilov D.


The book puts forward hotel evaluation as that of a separate type of commercial property. It lays out the main points of how hotels function, which are necessary to keep in mind when building an evaluation model for hotels. It examines analysis methods and instruments in the hotel market and how to predict hotel activity — essential for income and expenditure evaluation in operational tasks. The book gives an overview and comparison of Russian and international sources. The author’s method of analysis and conclusions based on his own experience of many years are of particular interest. He offers a highly professional and relevant approach to resolving existing issues in hotel real estate evaluation that evaluators are faced with.
Recommended for bachelor’s and master’s students of economics, and for professional retraining in evaluation practice.

Price - 400 Rub

The History of the Russian Foreign Intelligence: Essays. Six volumes

In these books, the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) introduces the reader with real Russian spies. Russian veterans of professional intelligence, who personally were involved in many intelligence operations in the last decades, worked over the preparation of “The History of the Russian Foreign Intelligence”.
Price - 4000 Rub

Master fulness of  negotiation


Dubinin Y.


The book by Y. Dubinin, a prominent Russian diplomat and professor of Moscow State Institute of International Relations of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO) is the country's first textbook on the negotiations.

Released in 2006, it soon gained wide acceptance and is used in teaching negotiation skills at MGIMO and the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow State University and other higher educational institutions of Russia. We offer you the fourth edition of this book, expanded and updated.

It has become necessary in view of the increasing role of Russia in the international negotiation process, the rapid development of the science of negotiation.

This book may be of interest not only for those who are preparing to become a participant of negotiations - the important and fascinating events of intellect and character, but also for anyone who wants to get acquainted with how it is done.

Price - 400 Rub

Dispute settlement mechanisms in regional integration groupings in the European Union, EAEC, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, NAFTA and GATT/WTO: a monograph.

British Prime Ministers. Political portraits.


Kapitonova N.


This compendium offers seven political portraits of British Prime Ministers in the second half of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century: Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May. Some of them were bright personalities who blazed a trail in the country’s history. Others were less powerful, fell victim to circumstance and are remembered as weak Prime Ministers. Based on a wide range of foreign policy and party documents, memoirs of famous politicians and diplomats and Russian and foreign historiography, the biographical sketches allow the reader to follow the protagonists’ activities against the backdrop of the most important historic events of the 20th and 21st centuries, right up to this point in time.

For historians, students and a wide readership.

Price - 500 Rub




Dispute settlement mechanisms in regional integration groupings in the European Union, EAEC, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, NAFTA and GATT/WTO: a monograph.

Dispute settlement mechanisms in regional integration groupings in the European Union, EAEC, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, NAFTA and GATT/WTO: a monograph.

Velyaminov G., Voznesenskaya N. and other authors


This is the first piece of legal Russian literature which examines in detail the dispute settlement mechanisms in the following international regional economic organizations: the EU, EAEC, ASEAN, MERCOSUR, NAFTA and GATT/WTO. The authors purposefully analyze the particular way in which the dispute settlement mechanisms work in each of the regional groupings, which has a significant impact both on their relationship with their Member States and third parties. The dispute settlement mechanism in GATT/WTO is also examined, namely the important issue of applying this mechanism in conflict resolution in private law with the participation of legal entities and individuals.

Recommended to legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, members of relevant ministries and agencies, research fellows, teachers, students and postgraduates of law schools studying the legal regulation of international economic relations, and to all those interested in regional economic integration.

Price - 500 Rub

Okulov V.  Paris and Geneva through the eyes of an intelligence officer

Paris and Geneva through the eyes of an intelligence officer

Okulov V.

Paris – the capital of France, and Geneva – the capital of UN offices in Europe and many other international organizations, were always under the unwavering attention of intelligence services from different countries. The large number of foreigners and top secrets in diplomatic safes and other delegations in these cities, the traditional welcoming approach to foreigners and quite a liberal mode of life and communication sometimes made it easier for the ‘soldiers of the invisible front’ to fulfill their tasks. This is what the memoirs of a Soviet foreign intelligence veteran, a high-class professional and colonel in retirement are about.
Yet an intelligence officer’s work is not only limited to collecting information required by Headquarters. He works in a specific country, in a specific city. That in itself spells constant contact with Headquarters, covering this up with neutral connections, with famous people or their entourage, interesting meetings and contacts. The author’s observant gaze will allow the reader to get acquainted with some moments in the life of the Russian diaspora, and to immerse themselves in the daily activities of the intelligence officer abroad.

Price - 400 Rub

Bretton Woods: The next 70 years: collection of essays


science editor V.Popov


This volume on the history of the international monetary and financial system and its future prospects is a unique publication difficult to find in this sphere of literature. The English original, released as a limited edition book at the end of 2015, was then translated into Chinese and updated and amended in the Russian version. This book includes publications from both recognized authorities in global economy and less well-known authors. Each has nonetheless left their mark in the theory and practice of monetary relations. The volume offers a wide spectrum of views on the events of the past decade and perspectives on the further development of the system, leaving the reader to make their own choice on what version to believe in, or to form their own viewpoint on the basis of this far-reaching factual material.

The book is geared towards monetary and financial specialists. It will also be useful preparatory material for international economists and attractive to general readers interested in current challenges faced by the global economic framework.

Price - 1300 Rub

Klishas A. Social state: monograph

Social state: monograph


Klishas A.


The real work is devoted to a perspective of the social state as theoretical and legal and constitutional and legal category. Through a prism of cross-disciplinary approach the author considers the theoretical and legal and constitutional and legal maintenance of the social state as dogma and principle. Essential attention in work is paid to practice of the constitutional justice in the context of a perspective of the social state.
Work will be interesting both to scientists — theorists of the right, specialists in studying of the state, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates of law colleges and also all interested in problems of the theory of the state and the right and constitutional right.

Price - 450 Rub

State and municipal service: textbook.


Vasilenko I.


The second edition of this textbook concentrates on the modern reform of state and municipal services; amending and complementing legislation in 2015–2017; challenges faced when using innovative technologies to reform state and municipal service institutions; anti-crisis management; the evolution of bureaucratic theory in the 21st century and the emergence of new functions and practices in state administration of the information society. The book analyses and interprets international experience in light of the need to develop the Russian concept of state and municipal service.

For university students reading Political Science, State and Municipal Management and Law. Will be of interest to political and state actors, scientists and specialists in management and state service.

Price - 400 Rub

Public relations in government authorities: textbook.


Vasilenko I., Vasilenko E.


The second edition of this textbook explores current challenges of developing public relations in government authorities during times of crisis. Particular attention has been paid to developing anti-crisis political communication; organizing the work of the press relations service in public agencies; informational coverage of unpopular political decisions made during times of crisis and rules on making effective publicity campaigns. Also addressed are business communication norms and etiquette; models and technologies used for public discussions, including at times of heated conflict between parties. The book strongly focuses on the challenge of creating a modern image of the Stateand the use of national branding technologies to boost the image of the State in communication channels. The book also puts forward business games as a practical way to consolidate the technologies used in public relations.

For university students reading State and municipal management, Political Science and Law. The book may be of interest to political and state actors, scientists, management specialists and those working in the civil service.

Price - 400 Rub

Rules of the WTO and the basics of trade policy

Rules of the WTO and the basics of trade policy

Key issues of theory and practice of modern trade policy and multilateral control of international trade in goods and services were considered within the framework of the systems of GATT / the WTO, including the practice of applying of trade control, and also institutional basis of national and international mechanisms of trade control. Considerable attention was paid to issues such as the holding and organisation of trade negotiations and the use of the dispute settlement mechanism within the framework of the mechanisms of the WTO, trade control and international economic cooperation at a national and international level in specific areas (e-commerce, trade in dual-use products and technologies, the relationship between trade and ecology and social and labour issues).

For students studying Economics, research workers, specialists, civil servants and representatives of business circles connected with issues of international trade, foreign economic cooperation and the development of a system of global economic governance.

Price - 600 Rub

Plekhanov S. With fairness and nobleness. The Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah.

With fairness and nobleness. The Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah.

Plekhanov S.

The state of Brunei became a subject of international law relatively recently. On 1st of 1984 spelled the countdown to its independent existence after holding the status of Protectorate of Great Britain for almost a century. Hassanal Bolkiah has ruled continuously over all these years. The fame of his country in the modern world is directly linked to this state actor’s personality. Today, the ‘Sultan of Brunei’ sounds like a metaphor for riches and flourishing. And it really is so; the small nation constantly ranks high in world ratings for living standards and is a leader in government social expenditure. But it was not always like this; the nation had to overcome its underdevelopment.
The author shows that the road to independence and a high level of prosperity was thorny. The small state of Brunei found itself in the epicentre of combating superpowers during the Second World War. What had been destroyed during the war had to be restored and even more problems arose with the need to catch up with neighbouring countries. Once a rich and mighty nation, having lost its independence and expertise in state leadership in the mid XX century, Brunei’s existence was balancing on a knife-edge during the decolonialization process. Hassanal Bolkiah who was called the Crown Prince in his youth, soon came to the throne of Brunei and demonstrated consistency and firmness in asserting the seedlings of statehood that he had inherited from his predecessors. Having become the 29th representative of a dynasty in rule since XIV century, he breathed new life into the ancient institutions of power while keeping in line with the traditions bequeathed to him by his ancestors. He was able to create a modern, effective administrative apparatus and make fundamental social reforms.
Today the monarch, in power for already half a century, has set large aims for small Brunei: a highly-educated nation based on a knowledge economy, making sensible use of rich natural resources in harmony with environmental safety and founded on the comprehensive development of enterprises. This is what the sultan sees as the future for his country. He has already created the bedrock which gives us hope that future generations will also make sure that Brunei thrives and protect its authenticity despite the temptations of globalization.
Price - 500 Rub

Sheremetev D. The evolution of European security and defence policy in a globalized world: monograph.

The evolution of European security and defence policy in a globalized world: monograph.

Sheremetev D.

This book is the fruit of research on the multidimensional issues in European security and defence policy, and Russia’s position and role in Europe’s security system. The monograph examines closely the evolution of Europe’s security and defence policy from 1993, including the post-Maastricht and post-Lisbon periods. Particular attention is paid to analyzing American-European relations in defence policy, and the factors which influenced the compromise process between the EU and NATO in the Berlin Plus agreement. Also highlighted are ESDP post-crisis missions in the West Balkans, Africa and Asia.
The book is aimed at those who are directly linked to drawing up European security policies, independent experts, correspondents, scholars, teachers and students of international relations.
Price - 300 Rub

Аntonov V., Karpov V. Executed intelligence service.

Executed intelligence service.

Аntonov V., Karpov V.

The repressions that swept around the country at the end of the 1930s dealt a heavy blow to Soviet foreign intelligence, undermining the success of previous years. Not only were heads of foreign intelligence affected by the arrests, but also many leading intelligence officers. This resulted in the abolishment of almost all illegal residences and lost connections with extremely valuable sources of information, which affect national security to a very seriously degree.
The book describes the most prominent intelligence officers who became victims of the repression. The Annex provides a short biographical description of their colleagues who were also victims of the ‘Great Terror’.

Price - 350 Rub


Lezgintsev Yu. Comrades and adversaries : historical and biographical outlines of the era of Spanish colonies’ struggle for independence in South America.

Comrades and adversaries : historical and biographical outlines of the era of Spanish colonies’ struggle for independence in South America.
Lezgintsev Yu.

This book constitutes a logical continuation of the first two tomes titled ‘Generals of Freedom’, which describe the life and work of eminent leaders in the struggle to free South America from the colonial yoke: Jose Francisco de San Martina and Simon Bolivar. The period in which these figures showed their mettle, as goes for any revolutionary period, was extremely complex and contradictory, therefore a portrayal of their achievements without describing the activities of historical characters living during their time, would clearly not give the complete picture. Even the most distinguished of characters could not overturn the full legacy of three hundred years of Spanish rule single-handed, bringing about vitally important changes for the Creole nation, in particular, winning political and economic independence.

Price - 350 Rub

Karash Yu. People on the cosmic bridge.

People on the cosmic bridge
Karash Yu.
Space has long been a part of our lives. It is pictured in many films and TV broadcasts, and is often even the subject of heated political arguments, not to say science fiction. Yet sometimes real events beyond the atmosphere are capable of capturing the imagination more effectively than the most complex of fantasy plots. That’s why non-fiction literature about space is read with no less interest that the works of Arthur Clarke, Stanislav Lem or the Strugatsky brothers. This book is part of that category. An adventure book and witness… It is based on the memories of those who participated in the Shuttle-Mir program; on numerous interviews with astronauts, engineers, and other specialists from Russia and the US who worked on the joined space project. Yury Karash’s rich personal experience is also drawn on. He underwent training in the Johnson Space Centre.  

Yury Karash’s book is not only about space, but also about US astronauts’ and Russian cosmonaut’s collaboration in space exploration. It embodies the author’s dream – to see space not as a competition field but as an opportunity for collaboration between terrestrials regardless of their nationality or passport. Unfortunately the author won’t see his dream with his own eyes, or his published book. Shortly after he submitted his manuscript to the publisher, he died. Death crept up on him – a strong, energetic man full of plans – when Yury Karash was on another business trip in the US, in a science space center.

This book is for anyone interested in a space odyssey full of unbelievable adventures.

Price - 500 Rub

Rachkov А. Five years in Yemen (diary of an ambassador in Aden, 1986–1991.)

Five years in Yemen (diary of an ambassador in Aden, 1986–1991.)

Rachkov А.

A. Rachkov’s book tells of the work of the embassy of the USSR in South Yemen from 1986–1991, and of Yemeni unification. Not only does the author describe colleagues’ everyday life, meetings with heads of various levels, problems in the embassy, biographical facts; he also puts forward his own view of many major political processes of that period, including those which brought the socialist system to its knees and resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The book is directed at students, teachers in diplomatic academies and also at a wide circle of readers.
Price - 600 Rub

Аreshidze L., Krupyanko M., Krupyanko I.A guide to Japanese etiquette: useful information for foreigners about codes of conduct in Japan  (Amazing Japan Series)

A guide to Japanese etiquette: useful information for foreigners about codes of conduct in Japan  (Amazing Japan Series)

Аreshidze L., Krupyanko M., Krupyanko I.


When preparing for a journey to Japan, Europeans often end up worrying about finding themselves in a foreign civilization where the inhabitants’ social codes are very different to those of many other nations. It’s hard to deny this. As an island state, Japan developed for centuries according to its own particular laws and standards of conduct. Despite partially adopting some cultural elements from China, Japan has always maintained its unique identity, which makes it stand out from other nations and makes its etiquette one of a kind.
The authors of this monograph have tried as much as possible to make the whole process easier for foreigners preparing to go to Japan. The book outlines the main points of Japanese etiquette in a variety of life situations, which will help Europeans not to feel like outcasts in Japanese society, make their stay in Japan more pleasant and give them more confidence when interacting with the Japanese. The authors hope that the guide to Japanese etiquette will help Russian readers to find answers to many questions, which will undoubtedly arise during a foreigner’s stay in Japan and in communicating with Japanese people.

Price - 400 Rub

Areshidze L., Krupyanko М., Krupyanko I. Happiness the Japanese way: advice on how to make a person’s life   brighter and more joyful

Happiness the Japanese way: advice on how to make a person’s life brighter and more joyful

Areshidze L., Krupyanko М., Krupyanko I.


The authors of this monograph have attempted to generalize the Japanese’s understanding of human happiness and reveal secrets on how to attain it to Russian readers.
When conceptualizing the components of happiness many generations of Japanese people have referred to the wise ancient Greek saying: “Happy is the one whose life is filled with the joys of spiritual being and developed self-awareness, not with material goods.” That is why on the one hand, many Japanese people today believe that human happiness of difficult to attain by chasing after material wealth, and on the other hand, that it can be easily found through spiritual joys. The Japanese have been familiarized from an early age with the concept that they will spend half their lives at work where they should learn to find their chance to make their lives happy. A successful Japanese person knows that he/she needs to solve the three following tasks to attain happiness: gain the necessary levels of knowledge for self-realization in life; become a professional in their sphere of work; build themselves up as a person of high morals, honour and dignity. In overcoming life’s difficulties a Japanese person perfects himself/herself with each passing day. He works on himself, expands his knowledge and gains life experience. She reads new books, goes to the theatre and to exhibitions. Yet he does not forget the simple truth which fairly asserts that, “a healthy body houses a healthy spirit”. In other words, a balanced Japanese person aiming for happiness doesn’t forget about sport which will not only allow her to strengthen her health but also to expand her contact with the outside world. It is this kind of life that stimulates the Japanese to self-improvement in harmony, enables them to acquire the necessary set of human merits, and directs them towards a life of fully-fledged happiness.
The book is aimed at a wide circle of readers and possibly, first and foremost, at the young generation who at the start of their life will be thinking about how to live it in happiness.

Price - 400 Rub

Vasilenko I., Vasilenko E. An effective negotiator: personal style, strategy

An effective negotiator: personal style, strategy, technology

Vasilenko I., Vasilenko E.


The book puts forward a modern concept on creating an effective personal style in negotiations by drawing on the secrets of mastery of eminent negotiators from past and present. It contains a comparative analysis of various negotiating strategies and the most effective negotiating tactics are brought to light, allowing for targets to be met during the most difficult of negotiations. The authors classify sixteen personal negotiation styles based on the current International Standard of psychological types and Jung’s personality theory. They carry out a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of styles for leading politicians – V. Putin, S. Lavrov, Charles de Gaulle, D. Kameron, A. Merkel and others). Particular attention is paid to overcoming socio cultural barriers in order to make intercultural communication more effective.  

This book will be of interest to managers, businessmen, politicians, diplomats and executives across all levels.

Price - 400 Rub

 Zakashansky L. All this is America.

All this is America

Zakashansky L.


The author, known as Leonid Zaslvsky under his pen name, is a member of the New York Foreign Press Association. Since 1995 he has had his articles published regularly in leading Russo-American periodicals including: Novoe russkoe slovo, Panorama, Forverts, V Novom Svete, and others. His involvement in journalism was spurred on by working with George Weiner who was the head editor of Novoe russkoe slovo at the time. The book contains various facts and reflects journalistic impressions about many sides of American life.

Aimed at readers who are interested in US current affairs, American lifestyle and the views of eminent American citizens and visitors to the country.

Price - 450 Rub


Gladkov T. His highness the Agent. – 2nd ed., rev.

His highness the Agent. – 2nd ed., revised

Gladkov T.

This book by Theodor Gladkov – famous historian and writer, author of many books about the life and work of spies – is once again about a person who was a part of this unique service. Willi Lehmann was veteran of the Nazi Party, captain in the Gestapo, overseer of Germany’s military defense industry. This was the very same Soviet foreign intelligence agent А/201, Breitenbach, who for 12 long and terrifying years provided Headquarters with invaluable information about the development and growth of the fascist regime, the large-scale preparations for world supremacy, the active buildup of military forces and of new technical developments.

The book that you are holding in your hands has no fictive elements made up by the author. On the contrary, it contains hard facts about an amazing person’s incredible story, which only had its highly classified stamp removed in June 2009.

Price - 300 Rub


Мorozov S. “Warsaw melody” for Moscow and Prague: documents from I.V. Stalin’s personal archives, Foreign Intelligence Services of the Russian Federation, II Division of the Polish Army’s Main Headquarters and others (1933–1939)

“Warsaw melody” for Moscow and Prague: documents from I.V. Stalin’s personal archives, Foreign Intelligence Services of the Russian Federation, II Division of the Polish Army’s Main Headquarters and others (1933–1939)

Мorozov S.

The first part of the book is made up of documents of Stalin’s so-called ‘personal archives’ – reports of Soviet intelligence revealing the secret intentions of Germany, Poland and Japan to take aggressive measures against the USSR roughly in the second half of 1935. The second and third parts of the book illustrate the secret motives of the ‘small war’ i.e. the mechanism allowing the then political authorities of Poland to form a reason for war with neighbouring countries including the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. The appendix contains documents revealing the results of this policy including for representatives of the Polish nation, displaced from western borders to the depths of the USSR in the mid 1930s. The book is a result of the so-called ‘1990s archive revolution’ when after the fall of the Soviet Union historians were given access to some of the previously closed archives with one of them being the MIA Special Archive of the USSR which contained, amongst others, the documents of II Division of the Polish Army’s Main Headquarters (espionage and counterespionage) of 1930s.

This book will be of interest to state actors, politicians, diplomats and can be used as a chrestomathy by university students in their final years.

Price - 450 Rub

Chikov V. “A mole” in general’s lampasses – 2nd ed., revised and supplemented

“A mole” in general’s lampasses. – 2nd ed., revised and supplemented 

Chikov V.

During a high-level meeting Reagan asked the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, M.S. Gorbachev, to have mercy on a CIA agent. Gorbachev answered: “Mr. President, I’m afraid you might be upset by this. The person whom you are asking me to pardon is already dead – the penalty has been carried out…” This conversation of the leaders of two superpowers put an end to the life of one of the most vile and dishonourable traitors in the history of Russian special services.

For the first time this book describes, in detail and objectively, how the seasoned spy was unmasked.

Price - 350 Rub

Tyshetsky I. The last Whig, or the English chronicles of Sir Edward Grey

The last Whig, or the English chronicles of Sir Edward Grey

Tyshetsky I.

This book is dedicated to the life of Edward Grey – English politician and diplomat from the beginning of the 20th century. This is the first book about Edward Grey published in Russian. Edward Grey’s biography is described within the wide context of Britain’s general history and her foreign policy in the last quarter of the 19th and the first quarter of the 20th centuries. The protagonist’s life almost completely fits into this period – from the British Empire’s heyday to the start of its downturn. It also encompasses when Britain’s’ liberal party, with Edward Grey being one of its most prominent representatives, made its short but intensive journey from having a lead role in British politics to its decline. The book is also interesting because Edward Grey’s eleven years at the head of the Foreign Office have remained the only bright period in the long history of Anglo-Russian relations when truly good-hearted and friendly relations were formed between the two countries. Something like this was never before seen in England and Russia’s history, nor has it been seen again since Grey left politics.

The book is aimed at professional historians and all those interested in England’s history and in international relations.

Price - 500 Rub

О. Volosyuk Russian diplomats in Spain. Diplomáticos rusos en Еspaña. 1667–2017

Russian diplomats in Spain. Diplomáticos rusos en Еspaña. 1667–2017

senior ed. О. Volosyuk

This academic book examines the Russian diplomatic service in Spain within the framework of both countries’ general history from XVII–XXI centuries. This is a narrative about those who created, maintained and developed the tradition of Russian and Soviet diplomatic schools. A reflection of the history of international policy and European and Russian past events can be seen in their fate. Their area of activity ensured historical continuity of Russian diplomacy and its characteristic traits and principles.

The book is available in Russian and Spanish and is aimed at historians, specialists in the history of international relations and also for a wide circle of readers.

Price - 800 Rub

Kirpichenko V. Espionage: faces and personalities 

Espionage: faces and personalitie. – 3rd ed.


Kirpichenko V.

The previous editions of this book were given very good reviews by general readers and specialists alike: V.A. Kirpichenko was awarded a laureate by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service for the best book in literature and the arts about Russian foreign intelligence. His longstanding presence at the helm of this service (from 1979–1991 V.A. Kirpichenko was the first deputy head of the PGU KGB of the USSR – First Chief Directorate of the Committee for State Security) allowed him to create a gallery of memorable portraits of intelligence officers, including KGB chairmen and foreign intelligence officers, unsung heroes and infamous traitors.

The book also reveals genuine facts that explain many dramatic episodes in modern history including events leading to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Price - 350 Rub

Vinogradov A. Siria in true life

Siria in true life


Vinogradov A.


Arkadiy Vinogradov – traveler, diplomat, historian and author of the book series An Irishman’s Odysey – spent many years in Syria as advisor to the embassy of the USSR and then as personal advisor to Syria’s defence minister.

He shares his impressions about life in Syria, the country’s history and places of interest, about his Syrian friends in times of peace and war.

Price - 300 Rub

Плеханов С. Не шелковый путь

Not the Silk Road


Plekhanov S.


The formation of Nursultan Nazarbayev as the first president of independent Kazakhstan is presented in the context of the events which surrounded the rise and fall of the Soviet Union and the emergence of new independent states ...


S.Lavrov on presentation book "Not a silk road" in 2015 year


Price - 500 Rub

Мировая политика после 1945 года. – 9-е изд., доп. Кальвокоресси П.

World Politics since 1945. 9th edition.


Calvocoressi P.


The most lucid, comprehensive, intelligent and reliable account of post-war modern history on the market." (Teaching Politics) "The book compels admiration for its thoroughness, its scope, the masterly ordering of its immense material." (The Sunday Times) 
The ninth edition of this enormously successful standard work has been expanded to take into account the developments of the last 10 years, including the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan; the accelerating emergence of India and China as major powers; the major political developments in Latin America, including the rise and perhaps fall of Chavez in Venezuela ...

Price - 800 Rub

Международное частное право: учебник. – 3-е изд., перераб. и доп. Канашевский В.А.

Private international law: textbook. – 3rd ed., revised and supplemented


Kanashevsky V.


This textbook provides a full course on contemporary private international law; an analysis of Russian legislation, foreign law, international agreements and nonstate law norms. The textbook is composed of a general and a special section. Some chapters in the special section are new and the questions examined in them have not yet received enough attention in other Russian textbooks and learning materials published so far (the transborder transfer of personal data legal regime, securities regulation, legal regime for offshore companies and trusts; specific types of obligations – international work and labour contracts, services agreements, corporate agreements, secured transactions)...

Price - 600 Rub


"Советская военная администрация в Германии" В. Кнолль, И. А. Лавинская.

Soviet Military Administration in Germany, 1945–1949:

Economic aspects: Collection of documents.  Volume 1. 1945–1947


senior ed. and compiler V. Knoll, compiler I.A. Lavinskaya.

This book contains documents about the economic policy of the Soviet Military Administration in the Soviet Occupation Zone (SVAG), 1945–1947. The materials describe the activities of SVAG in reparations, industry, agriculture, mass catering, trade and finances. 
The book is aimed at historians, specialists in modern history, and those interested in Russo-German relations.


Price - 600 Rub

Имидж регионов России: инновационные технологии и стратегии ребрендинга.   под ред. проф. И.А. Василенко

The image of Russian regions: innovative technologies and rebranding strategies


ed. by professor I. Vasilenko


This monograph examines the possibility of creating a modern image of Russian regions with the help of innovative technologies and rebranding. Models, concepts and territorial branding technologies are described, as are the positive results derived from implementing this technology in Chukotka, Bashkiria, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The authors put forward a strategic approach to creating a modern image of Russian regions: they describe the aims and prospects of an image policy, highlight the main communicators and put forward a justified assessment of the region’s image and its attractiveness ...


Price - 400 Rub

Русская и японская цивилизации. Исторический анализ становления и развития национальных идентичностей (сходство и различие)   под ред. А.Н. Панова, Того Кадзухико

Russian and Japanese civilization. A historical analysis of the formation and development of national identities (similarities and differences)


ed. by А. Panov, Togo Kazuhiko


This is the first analysis of the main stages of development in Russian and Japanese civilization with a slant on the similarities and differences of historical processes in Russia and Japan and the influence of national identity on them. This thorough examination – the first of its kind among Russian and Japanese scholars – aims to shed light on the differences in Russian and Japanese identity, and determine the extent to which these differences act as a barrier to the rapprochement of both nations ... 


Price - 500 Rub

Искусство торговать по-японски: Погоня не за прибылью, а за сердцами покупателей   Арешидзе Л.Г., Крупянко М.И., Крупянко И.М.

The art of trading in Japanese: In pursuit of buyer’s hearts, not profit. A series of books «Amazing Japan»


Areshidze L., Krupyanko M., Krupyanko I.


In this new, fourth publication from the Amazing Japan series, the authors have examined an important aspect of Japanese people’s daily life, which will not leave any foreigner unmoved; the basic code of conduct which all Japanese salespeople follow. The secrets of serving buyers are based on traditional Japanese values ... 


Price - 500 Rub


В.И. Попов Советник королевы - суперагент Кремля (3-е изд., доп.)

The Queen’s advisor – Kremlin superagent. – 3rd ed., supplemented


Popov V.


This book has been written by a famous diplomat, scholar, author of monographs and many other famous books including: Modern diplomacy: theory and practice, Margaret Thatcher: person and politician, Life in Buckingham Palace.
This time he has focused on the life of one of the members of the Cambridge Five – Anthony Blunt. But this book is not just about him; it is also about the famous ‘five’ of Soviet spies who infiltrated Britain’s holy of holies. It describes their espionage and counter espionage tactics in the army, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even the entourage of King George VI and Elizabeth II.

Price - 380 Rub

Еремян В.В. Публичное право стран Латинской Америки. Том 1. Становление и развитие институтов местного самоуправления (от городов-государств до конца ХХ века)

Public law in Latin America: in 2 tomes. Tome 1. The establishment and development of institutes of local governance (from city states to the end of the XX century)


Еremyan V.

This monograph examines: the establishment and development of municipalism and regionalism in Latin America in XVI–ХХ centuries through the prism of comparative law; the historical background of native-Indian and Iberian municipal law and institutes of local governance during the pre-colonial and colonial periods; the legal status, structure and powers held by bodies of local governance and regionalism, unitarism, political unity and municipal autonomy during the constitutional and municipal reforms in the second half of XX century ...

Price - 400 Rub

Клишас А.А. Публичное право стран Латинской Америки. Т. 2. Становление и развитие институтов конституционного контроля Public law in Latin America: in 2 tomes. Тome 2. The establishment and development of institutes of local governance


Klishas А.

The freshness and uniqueness of this monograph for the academic world lies in the author’s comparative legal analysis and critical examination of the Iberian constitutional justice model and the parallels he draws between the most widespread specialized legal control systems – American (north American) and European – at their present stage of state development. This is a work of fundamental research as shown by the scale of analyzed normative sources and theoretic literature, as well as the comprehensive treatment of legal and judicial issues examined in the context of the historical, social and political development of Latin American society through the democratization of a wide range of public relations  ...

Price - 400 Rub

Шумилов В.М. Правовая система США The U.S. legal system. – 3rd ed.


Shumilov V.


The book outlines the history and functioning of the State and the Law of the United States in the present conditions, their political and legal systems, which reflects various common law family. The main public-law and private-law institutions and branches of the U.S. law: constitutional, administrative, criminal, tort, contract, commercial, employment, family law, criminal and civil procedure, certain issues of international legal doctrine of the USA, etc.
In applications to the workbook there are case law, text of the U.S. Constitution in English and Russian languages​​, a dictionary of legal terms (in English), reference section on the U.S..

Price - 380 Rub

Снегирёв В.Н. Генерал невидимого фронта. Он был одним из главных героев холодной войны. General of an invisible front. He was one of the main heroes of the Cold War


Snegiryov V.


This book is a dialogue between the legendary foreign intelligence general, Boris Solomatin, and the famous Russian special services journalist and historian, Vladimir Snegiryov.

During the Cold War, mayor general Boris Alexander Solomatin was a true punishment for the 'main enemy', as the Americans were then called. As deputy head of the First Chief Directorate, resident in Delhi, Washington, New York and Rome, he became the initiator of a number of loud recruitment drives, and the materials that were obtained by his agents went to the table of the country's top leadership ...

Price - 300 Rub

Гладков Т.К. Наш человек в Нью-Йорке. Судьба резидента

Our man in New York. The fate of a resident agent


Gladkov T.


The name of the main hero in this book has been kept silent in our country for over sixty years. Yet Jacob Golos was the most prominent intelligence officer and group leader of the NKVD and NKGB in the USA for a good ten years (1933–1943). There were no prohibited areas for Golos’ agents; they infiltrated the White House, the State Department, and even the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)...

Price - 380 Rub


Атаманенко И.Г. Шпионаж – война без трупов?

Espionage – A war without corpses? 


Atamanenko I. 


Mata Hari was not ‘the queen of espionage’; she was a courtesan who flirted with spies. Manasevich-Manuilov was not a ‘vessel of wickedness’; he was an outstanding recruiter for the Okhranka in Tsarist Russia. The technical achievements of the USA in the 1980s were not hinged on her intellectual resources, but on a betrayal that was lavishly paid for...


Price - 380 Rub

Поворот на Восток: Развитие Сибири и Дальнего Востока в условиях усиления азиатского вектора внешней политики России / отв. ред. И.А. Макаров

Turning to the East: The development of Siberia and the Far East under Russia's strengthened foreign policy towards Asia 


ed. Makarov I.A. 


The current stage of Russia's economic and foreign policy development has been characterized by turning to the East – the attention given to the Asia-Pacific region is growing on the backdrop of Russia's worsening relations with the West. The following question: “How fast will this turn of events develop and what will it turn into?”, is one of the key questions for Russia's state policy. It is especially relevant for Russia's eastern territories where new challenges are being faced and new opportunities unfolding...

Price - 500 Rub.

Капитонова Н.К., Романова Е.В. История внешней политики Великобритании: учебник

The history of Great Britain's foreign policy: textbook 


Kapitonova N., Romanova E.


his is the first textbook in Russian historiography to dedicate itself to the evolution of Britain's foreign policy from the early new era when the traditions of European balance of power politics and trade and colonial expansion were being forged, right up to the second decade of XXI century. This work traces the change in Britain's position in international relations; her development into a potent world power with a global breadth of interests and the struggle to maintain this status on the backdrop of increasing competition on the international arena in XX century...

Price - 600 Rub.

Антонов В.С. Награды внешней разведки. Символы профессионализма

Foreign intelligence awards. Symbols of professionalism


Antonov V.


n any country, departmental awards – the pinnacle of professional excellence – are considered to be as honorable as state awards. The foreign intelligence service of our country has, for the ordinary human, always been a secret behind seven seals. It is not surprising that so little is also known about the awards of this service. And yet the humble sign of professional excellence on a civilian suit of a veteran can tell a lot about the achievements of this person in ensuring the security of the Homeland. This book acquaints the readers with the departmental awards of foreign intelligence from the moment of its creation to the present day.

Price - 900 Rub


Шварёв Н.А. Явка по паролю, или Классики нелегальной разведки

Password for secret meeting, or big names in illegal espionage


Shvarev N. A. 


The book acquaints the reader with the golden portfolio of Russian foreign intelligence and the most infamous sleeper agent representatives of this low-key profession. These are people, so to speak, of a particular nature. In addition to their outstanding intellect and incredible psychological stamina, they are able to discover the astonishing artistic contours of their human natures. Sleeper agents who became ambassadors of foreign countries in foreign countries, businessmen, gangsters and even milk sellers on the streets of Vienna are well-known in the history of Soviet and Russian espionage ...

Price - 600 Rub

Ковалев С.И. Силы Самообороны Японии: Информационно-справочное издание

Japan's defense forces 


Кovalev S. I.


This publication, based on Japanese normative legal documents, puts forward the following topics: organizational and staff structure, insignia, technical equipment, the application of Japan's defense forces, status and procedure for service in the armed forces.

The book may be used as a manual in area studies, law and linguistics by specialists and interested readers alike who prefer to draw their own lessons and conclusions from source materials ...

Price - 600 Rub

Канашевский В.А. Международные сделки: правовое регулирование

International deals: legal regulations


Kanashevsky V.


This publication examines the legal framework for international deals. The author analyses the concept of international contracts, their parties, content, responsibility for infringing contract obligations, other types of international deals. The extensive commentary on Russian and foreign law is supplemented with examples from Russian and foreign legal and arbitrage practice. The book contains practical material and recommendations on how to regulate international deals.

Recommended for students, postgraduates, university law lecturers and teachers, practising specialists, civil servants, legislators.

Price - 600 Rub

Зонова Т.В.  История внешней политики Италии: учебник

The history of Italy's foreign policy: textbook 


Zonova T.


T. Zonova's textbook is the first Russian-language textbook to systematically present the history of Italy's foreign policy from the formation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 to the events that took place at the start of the XXI century. This country's foreign policy history is divided into periods which mark the alternation of internal regimes: liberal monarchism, fascist monarchism, republican democracy. Constants in its foreign policy of Europeanism and Atlanticism are shown, as are Italy's activities in the Mediterranean region and the Balkans ...

Price - 500 Rub

Василенко И. А. Переговоры c восточными партнерами: модели, стратегии, социокультурные традиции

Negotiations with eastern partners: models, strategies, social and cultural traditions 


Vasilenko I. A.


Russian academic literature for the first time unfolds the concept of negotiations in the East from the point of view of strategy, tactics and basic negotiation technologies. An analysis of the main eastern negotiation models is given: method stratagem – or intellectual traps – and the method of traditional eastern bargaining ...


Price - 350 Rub